Andrea Schell



  • Southern Shades of Blue


    This mini-docu/interview series works to flip the narrative that the South is exclusively conservative by highlighting the small-town, Southern progressive voice, Episode 1 is below and shows that there are more progressives in your small-town than you might think. Additional episodes and more about the project can be seen at www.southernshadesofblue.com.

    EPISODE 1: We Are Here!

  • What Would Men Say?


    For this web talk show where heterosexual men discussed being in romantic relationships, I developed the concept, secured crew and talent, oversaw editing, managed social media, and pitched concept to executives. I was also the on-camera host of this project including in-studio interviews as well as on-the-street. This show was picked up by Evox Television.

  • Empowher!


    For this non-profit focused on empowering at-risk girls in Los Angeles, produced awareness videos. Developed concept, secured crew, ran interviews, oversaw editing.

  • Discretion & Faith

    Associate Producer

    Tasked with securing talent and researching subject matter.