• Please trust me when I say I know how completely daunting writing and rewriting your resume is. Having to explain what you've done with your time, every week, for the entirety of your adult life, even under the best of circumstances, can be extremely overwhelming.


    I'm here to help with this process.


    I craft career narratives and write and develop personal presentation materials such as resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and personal websites.


    My aim is to ensure that my clients take full ownership of their accomplishments, can speak about their job responsibilities and results with ease, and develop a new confidence about the future of their careers.


    I have worked on resumes in entertainment, sales, academia, marketing, government, and more.


    And, if you are someone who is thinking, "Dear god, my resume will never, ever, like, ever, make sense!", you should definitely reach out to me. I am skilled at making sense of non-traditional career paths.


    Below you will find testimonials of past clients, samples of my work, and pricing.


    As a first step, I offer a free 15-20 minute consultation. Email me at andrea.schell@yahoo.com to set this up and get started on your new resume today!

  • "Andrea catapulted me professionally. With her keen intellect and ability to synthesize, she discerned and then illuminated a compelling work narrative which accurately represented me. She showcased and united my diverse interests and experiences. Utilizing Andrea's talents was hands down the best investment that I have ever made professionally. I am so proud to share my resume, linked-in, and website. She is thoughtful, detailed oriented, collaborative and prompt."

    "Andrea is a truly exceptional resource for resumes, cover letters and all other aspects of job searching. She turned my resume around in just a few days and reassured me about a few areas I was concerned about. I can't believe how much better my resume looks! With her advice and hard work, I feel confident about sending my resume out. She was prompt, dedicated and easy to work with. Highly recommend!"


    Click HERE to see full sample resume.

    Click HERE to see full sample resume.

  • "The thing is, as much as I love my new resume that reflects my authentic self and what I have to offer, it was Andrea's coaching and encouragement that gave me the confidence to aim high in my new job search. I know this was the key, and Andrea's communication style was so friendly that I never even felt like I was being "coached." She just is super talented and intuitive."

    ""Utilizing Andrea's talents was hands down the best investment that I have ever made professionally."



    starting at $400


    This process starts with an in-depth call where we dive into your experience, accomplishments, and the results you've created. Sometimes this will require me to give you homework to fill in the blanks while sometimes I will be able to go ahead and get started. I will craft a draft and send to you for notes. We might need to talk again, possibly more than once, to finalize the resume. Once it is finalized, I send you your finished resume in both Word and PDF format. This process is typically complete within two weeks or less. I am also available if you are in need of a rush job. Rush jobs will include an additional fee.


    $150 (once resume is complete)


    Once we have your resume finalized, I can update your LinkedIn and will also create a first person LinkedIn summary for you.


    starting at $400 (once resume is complete)


    Having a personal website helps possible employers get to know you beyond what is on your resume. A personal website showcases who you are and includes a personal statement, photos, testimonials, and your resume. Once I create the personal website, I make sure you know how to make simple edits should you want do that in the future.




    If there is a specific job you are looking to apply for and want to nail your cover letter, let's talk. For this, I review the job application in detail and ensure that your cover letter is personable, relatable, and shows potential employers that you fit their criteria for the job.

  • "I LOVE this final resume. It's finally a resume that actually represents me authentically and tells my professional story with accuracy and a sprinkle of sass."

    "Just heard back from the third place I’ve sent my new resume and they want an interview. I’d say your work was a great investment. Thanks again and I’ll be sure to recommend to my friend!"

  • Contact me at andrea.schell@yahoo.com to set up your free 15-20 minute consultation.


    Doing your own resume is the worst. Let me help you make yours the best!