• Writing a thesis or dissertation on a regular day can make your hair fall out so I can't imagine what you are going through trying to do this during a pandemic. But you don't have to do this alone!


    I have my Masters in Sociology: Gender, Sexuality, and Society from the University of Amsterdam. My thesis was a feminist content analysis that explored impacts of feminist methodologies on research design and outcomes.


    I have tutored students taking sociology classes and those writing their thesis or dissertation. I absolutely love having these conversations and encouraging my students to take ownership over their own knowledge and the impact it could have in the world.



    • Sexual Difference Theory - Braidotti, Irigaray, De Beauvoir
    • Performativity - Butler, Young
    • Feminist Methodologies - Haraway, Harding
    • Bodies and Emotions - Schilling, Merleau-Ponty, Goffman, Jhally, Kemper, Scheff
    • Gender in the Urban Landscape - Wilson, Jacobs, Roy, Massey, Warner, Duyvendak, 
    • Feminist Pedagogy - hooks, Frier
    • The Usual Sociological Suspects - Marx, Mead, Du Bois, Durkheim, Mills, 
    I excel at making difficult sociological concepts easily understandable and user-friendly. I love having the "Oh! I get it!" moment with students. I go over class assignments with students, prepare students for exams, and tutor theory.

    Whether writing for a class, thesis, or dissertation, my aim is to get students to find the story of the paper through nailing down the structure. I excel at helping students overcome the hump of each chapter, ensure that what needs to be covered is covered, and get students to take full ownership over the research they have done, ensuring they can talk about it in a way that feels natural to them and communicates their work.



    Sliding Scale ($20-$40/hr)

  • Let me help you during this time. You do not have to go

    through this alone. Reach out and let's chat!


    andrea.schell@yahoo.com / 310-902-1467