Whether it be producing for a non-profit, writing an executive's resume, or researching gendered experiences in the Red Light District, my through-line, my true north is this:

    How best to communicate the concept so

    that it lands with the intended audience,

    making the impact it's meant to make


    And, it has to be fun! While I am rigorous in my work, fun and lightheartedness are hardwired into every project.


  • Background

    I have 20+ years experience working in and around the entertainment and non-profit worlds in freelance and full-time positions ranging from writer to researcher to producer to assistant. Companies I have worked for include Fox (The Simpsons), The Milken Family Foundation, The Friends of British Council, Connective Issue, JAFRA, Toyota, The Batonga Foundation, The Empowher Institute, Oprah Magazine, and New Line Cinema.


    My MSc is in Sociology: Gender, Sexuality, and Society from the University of Amsterdam (Oct 2018).


    Many of my freelance clients are small businesses, entrepreneurs, and people in the arts. I tend to take on projects that resonate with me, this is to say, projects that promote a positive message.


    I am additionally a storyteller and solo performer. If you'd like to learn about the phallogocentric panopticon (what is that?!) or hear a tale about a baby sea lion on the beach, visit www.andreaschell.com.


    I've lived in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam. I've traveled to many beautiful, inspiring places ranging from Cairo to Oslo. I do yoga, pilates, and at one point in my life, the flying trapeze was a weekly hobby for me. I'm just as interested in what's up with Taylor Swift and Lizzo as I am with Marina Abramovic and Judith Butler. I would love to talk with you and support your next venture!

  • Why Tulip?

    1) The Netherlands of course! My love of all things Dutch is quite strong. Living and being educated in Amsterdam radicalized my life.


    2) Tulips are representative of one of my favorite feminist theories, sexual difference theory, and the work of two of my favorite feminist theorists/philosophers: Rosi Braidotti and Luce Irigaray.


    3) When I used to doodle in school (because I never do now...), it was often tulips.


    4) If I were ever to be a fashion designer, I would have all designs based on tulips.


    5) Just as there are endless varieties of tulips, there are endless ideas that with the right attention, care, and focus, can bloom to their full potential.

  • a collection of representations of women in public art around the world...

    and every now and then....a picture of me